Instance ID mismatch

I got the instance ID mismatch error discussed in here.
I think I understand what is going on.

We tried to update to version 4 a while ago, and it was not successful.
So, we moved back to version 3 at that time.
And, recently we tried updating once again, and the update was successful.
But, noticed that projects have the instance ID mismatch.
I think that is because an instance ID was assigned in the first update trial doesn’t match with the current instance.

So, now we have more than 40 projects with the wrong instance ID.
I tried to manually update a cs.lock file for a project, and it worked fine.
I cannot detach and attach again, because there is no instance matched with the problematic instance ID to detach.
So, I like to manually update the cs.lock files for all the projects, and I like to ask here whether this is rational.
Any comments would be very helpful.


In general, project locks are meant to promote the integrity of your CryoSPARC projects.
There are some tools that may be used under narrow circumstances and after careful consideration, such as
take_over_project() and
take_over_projects(), which together with the force=True may be used to update the locks either per project or instance-wide.

Thank you so much for the response!
take_over_projects(force=True) worked great!