Installing an older version

I’ve been having issues with my update and I was wondering if there is a way to install an older version (v2.15) from scratch and then try upgrading again. Curl will always download the latest version (v3.0). Any workarounds to this?

Hey vamsee,

I used this today after my first update failed because of lack of space to install all dependencies (d’oh)

use cryosparcm update --list to get a full list of available versions (including old versions in case you would like to downgrade).

To install a specific version, use
$ cryosparcm update --version=vXX.YY.ZZ[-branchname]

As per

This would work if I already have cryosparc installed. The updates have failed and I have no cryosparc installed on my computer. I would like to know if I can install an older version from scratch.

@vamsee you can do so by running the same curl commands as in the installation instructions, but substitute master-latest and worker-latest with the desired version.

e.g., for v2.15

curl -L$LICENSE_ID -o cryosparc2_master.tar.gz
curl -L$LICENSE_ID -o cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz

And continue with the installation instructions, substituting paths containing cryosparc_ with cryosparc2_ where appropriate


Thank you @nfrasser. This will help immensely.