Installation in two different workstations with same ID


Sorry in advance if this question is too dumb but I lack computational skills :grinning:

I currently run cryoSPARC from workstation X, connecting via a specific port. Hence, the address I use for the website-based GUI is X:portnumber.

I would like to also install cryoSPARC in another workstation Y. My question are:

  • Can I install it with the same ID or do I need another one?
  • The workspace for the new session in workstation Y is a separate one than the one in workstation X? I suppose port numbers are specific for each installation/workstation.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @LTP,

Each unique cryoSPARC master installation requires a unique LICENSE_ID. If you need additional IDs for multiple instances/workstations, please just request them via the form at Thanks!