Installation Failed

I’m having trouble installing standalone cryoSPARC. The installer tries but fails to use the API to create the user using the API interface http://flash:39002/api. A web server isn’t running.

The Nvidia driver version is 455.23.05 and the CUDA Version is 11.1. The GPUs are 1080 Ti’s.

./ --standalone
–license $LICENSE_ID
–cudapath /usr/local/cuda
–worker_path /CryoEM_Data/spadm/cryosparc/cryosparc2_worker
–ssdpath /ssd/cryosparc_cache
–initial_email “”
–initial_password Password123
–initial_name “cryoSPARC User”

Starting cryoSPARC…

Starting cryoSPARC System master process…
CryoSPARC is already running.
If you would like to restart, use cryosparcm restart

Creating the initial cryoSPARC user…

Creating user cryoSPARC User with email: password: Password123
*** command (http://flash:39002/api) did not reply within timeout of 300 seconds, attempt 1 of