Importing particles extracted in cryosparc into another instance of cryosparc

I am trying to move particles extracted on one workstation to another workstation for processing. I copied the entire extraction job folder from workstation1 to workstation2 then “import job” on station2 and select the Pxx/Jxx folder. I get the error “Unable to import job from /mnt/external/P36/J83 into P13: [IMPORT_JOB] : Unable to find data referenced by cs files. Aborting import of P13 J248 from /mnt/external/P36/J83”

Do I need to include other files to make this work? I would usually just send a star file from a refinement along with the extract job but I cannot refine these particles or deal with them as a full dataset due to space issues. As an alternative to Importing these particles via the new cryosparc method, can a star file be made for fresh extracted particles by csparc2star or does there need to be a refinement?


Hi @user123,

Did you ensure to hit “Export Job” in the job details card before you sent over the folder? Check out the “Share a particular job with another user” section in this tutorial for more information:

Thanks a lot! I missed the compression with dereference. I’ll give it a try next time. -Aaron