ImportError:No module named numpy

when I installed cryosparc2_master/worker on a new single workstation, i met a problem which was showed in picture. It seems cryosparc2 uses its own python in anaconda to install, because I can not fix this problem with “pip install numpy/pymongo”. so what can i do to solve this problem, thanks!

I’ve run into this issue before and it really is a pain to fix.

  1. I made sure ALL my cryosparc processes are stopped and the .sock file is deleted.
  2. Took a backup of the database folder and deleted the master, worker and the database folders.
  3. Restarted the computer and then reinstalled cryosparc.

I don’t believe it is a cryosparc issue although I’m not sure where this issues arises. Hope this works out for you.

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