Import result group problems

Hello! I am having troubles with importing data from one project to another one. As described in the tutorial (Tutorial: Data Management in cryoSPARC - CryoSPARC Guide) it should be easy: export the results from the output tab of your job, creating a .csg file and import it in another project via the “Import result group” tool using the absolute path to the exported file.
Problem is, I am getting the following error message:

Nothing I tried so far helps: importing the file inside the new project, import the file inside the job folder itself, using soft links in the new project folder… really not sure what else I can try.
Maybe somebody can help? I would highly appreciate it!
Thanks in advance.

@KSusanne Even though you have already tried links inside the new project directory, can you confirm that

  1. the csg file to be imported is located inside the new project directory
  2. all the cs files to which the metafile: keys in the csg file refer are “right next to” (in the same folder and at the same level as) the csg file
  3. the relevant cs and csg files under the new project directory are readable for the linux user that owns the cryoSPARC instance?

Please can you paste a few additional lines of output that precede the traceback?

Thank you so much for your reply.
I can answer all points with yes, and in the meantime it finally worked.
I am really not sure if I understood something wrong or it is supposed to work like that but this way it worked for me: as mentioned, I had soft links to the files I want to use. Turns out, I had to use exactly this directory…
Create a link of your exported job inside the new project and when entering the directory, go to the .csg file via the link. Hope this is understandable.
And thanks again for trying to help!!!