Import particle stack from relion3.0.1 to cryosparc

Hi all,

I got the bad 2D classification result after I import the star fileave from relion to Cryosparc recently.

at first I was process my data with cryosparc, then I transferred the particles into relion, and did 3D classification with relion 3.0.1, after that, I imported the star file into cryosparc again to do refinement. it warn me a lot information missed when I just import the star file as input, then it worked when I input the micrographs (from cryosparc)and the star file (from relion), but I can only do 2D classification after extraction from micrographs again, and the 2D classification shown the paritcles are not at the right position. Can anyone help me to figure it out which wrong with it? Thanks a lot!!!