Import optics groups from .star file?

Hi, is there now a straightforward way to import optics groups from micrographs .star file, e.g after AFIS? Seems like should be possible with new cryosparc-tools?


Perhaps something adapted from either this post or this post? Unfortunately, cryoSPARC does not support star file input for micrograph import.

Alternatively, starting from output, you could also collate softlinks to the micrographs and systematically rename them to include the opticsGroup index either prior to initial import, or for the purpose of particle reassignment. This will facilitate ease of string_split/slice in Exposure Group Utilities. See @kookjookeem’s recent post for an examplar workflow.


One option is to use --merge-source --merge-key="rlnMicrographName" --merge-fields="rlnOpticsGroupNumber" and then import

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Hi all,

CryoSPARC doesn’t yet support importing optics groups parameters from micrograph star files. However, CryoSPARC 4.4 now integrates exposure group splitting via beam shift, for AFIS data collection.


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