Import micrographs permissions error

@spunjani Import micrographs seems dependent on write permissions, which isn’t necessary. I get Error 13 permission denied if I try to import micrographs from a directory where my cryosparc user can read but not write (verified using su and the same path given to the import job). Adding write permissions fixes the issue, though nothing is ever written to that directory.

Hi Daniel, I’m trying to reproduce and fix the issue now. Will update here with my progress.

I wanted to post a screenshot of the error, so I tried to reproduce it again (I had cleared the job). I think this was actually user error on my part - I’m really sorry for the goose chase.

My mistake was caused by copying with cp -a, the permissions aren’t matched by the -a option until the entire series of files are finished transferring. In the meantime they have minimal 600 permissions. So when I was transferring a large number of images from our collection machine, and then tried to import the first 100 images, it failed. Later when the whole transfer was done, the permissions were set to 644. If I had simply re-run the import at that point without changing permissions at all it would have worked. Embarrassing! :sweat_smile:

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No problem at all! @stephan double-checked the import jobs code in case there was some unintended write and everything does seem okay. Glad to hear the issue is resolved!