Import Micrographs broken in 2.12?



And it works! Thank you :heart_eyes:


Great, Thank you!:heart:


Seem to be working for me too.

Thank you for the fixes


Many thanks! Import Micrographs is working fine now.


It is working. Thank you


I updated to v2.12.4 a couple days ago and have been getting this error while importing .mrc files that I converted from .ser files with
This error was not thrown while I was using these files in earlier versions of cryoSPARC

KeyError: ‘skip_header_check’


Hey @armbrustered,

Can you please restart cryosparcm restart then run cryosparcm cli "refresh_job_types()"?


I updated to V2.12.4, but the bug "KeyError: ‘skip_header_check’ " still exists.

I have run cryosparcm restart and cryosparcm cli "refresh_job_types()". The following characters appear:


Hi @Peiyu-Xu,

Can you confirm you’re creating a new job and not cloning the original job that caused the issue?

If that doesn’t work, can you make sure there are no zombie processes:

cryosparcm stop
ps -ax | grep “supervisord” (kill only the process that is running from your cryosparc2 install)
ps -ax | grep “cryosparc2_command” (kill all the matching processes related to your cryosparc2 instance)
ps -ax | grep “mongod” (kill only the process running your cryosparc2 database)

e.g. kill 82681