Import current project into old database backup after database spawn error

We had some maintenance done on our machine yesterday (but cryosparc was not updated/changed in any way) and after trying to start cryosparc today, we got database: ERROR (spawn error).
This error is triggered when using the database backup from yesterday but when using a backup from May, cryosparc starts and the projects can be viewed. I now want to recover the work done since May into this database but am not sure how to go about it. The project that is missing about 400 jobs is P7. Should I rename this project in the cryosparc window to P7_old or something so that when I import the current P7 project from its directory, there wouldn’t be any conflicts?

I thought about it again and maybe renaming the old P7 in the database would be a bad idea as it then won’t be able to link to the P7 directory.
I am now running cp -a on my /data/P7 directory (which has all the jobs) to copy it into the directory /data/SeptCS/. Should I then simply rename /data/SeptCS/P7 to /data/SeptCS/P8 and import that into the current (old) database?

Usually, spawn error is related to the remaining process of mongod or some cryosparc leftover. To fix it, I usually do (as the user running cryosparc):

pkill python*
pkill mongod*
cryosparc restart

This should be sufficient to fix the spawn error. I hope it helps!

Thanks @dzyla,
This (and some other recommendations on the forum that we tried) unfortunately didn’t work in my case. But luckily the copy and import of the project (as P7 since the jobs reference that) went smoothly so my jobs are back :slight_smile: