I4 Symmetry Missing from symmetry.py File


So this is an easy problem, but I’m not sure about the fix? I kept getting the error below:

AssertionError: Missing symmetry file or unrecognized symmetry type: I4

while refining the ab-initio model of an icosahedral particle. Looking into the code with nano, it turns out that my symmetry.py file has I, I1, and I2 symmetry, but is completely missing I4.

I’ve tried updating the node/files to no avail. Is this a known issue, is there a standard fix, or can someone just post the required code? (I2 code included below as an example)

rot_axis 2 0 0 1
rot_axis 5 -1.618033989 -1 0
rot_axis 3 -0.53934467 -1.4120227 0