I am very confusing about 3DVA results

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to separate my particles base one 3D structures mobility.
So I read 3DVA introductions. But there are something I couldn’t understand.
Please someone answer about these. Thanks,

  1. Using 3DVA display, I heard that can extract particles I given number.
    If I give parameter 5 at 3DVA, then I give 5 cluster in 3DVA display, does it extract 5 set of particle sets I gave in 3DVA?
    If I give different number in 3DVA display not match with 3DVA analysis parameter (eg. 3DVA is 3, but 3DVA display 5 cluster or smaller), what is happen?

  2. When I took a look results of 3DVA display,

    There are each clusters with components_mode_1, 2,3.
    What does it mean components_mode_ after cluster?

  3. I want to use only one set of particles belongs to one state.
    Please someone help me about this.