How to upgrade CryoSPARC without downloading

Hi, I’m in charge of the compute cluster at IGBMC and I help our users to run Cryosparc on HPC, which is not quite straightforward.

I’d like to know, if there is a way, how to update Cryosparc without it automatically downloading the desired version. Otherwise I’ll have a download for each and every user who wants to update, which is a waste.

My current process uses Singularity images that come with a pre-installed Cryosparc. Obviously running a new version against an old database will be shoddy, especially 3.x > 4.x. So if there is any solution it would make my life easier.

J.C. Haessig

There’s a section in the guide about manual updates for clusters.

Not sure whether you can follow a similar strategy for the master node.

Hi, yes I saw that. The worker is quite independent and poses no problem. The master, however, seems to erase any existing file before starting a new download.
What would suit me best is a procedure to just upgrade the database for a specific Cryosparc version, since I already have the software.