How to specify first few frames for refinement after full-frame motion correction and CTF estimation?

After performing full-frame motion correction and CTF estimation,
I just want to pick the first few frames among them to do refinement to compare the differences between the result of the full-frame
rather than redo the patch motion correction, CTF estimation, re-pick and screen particles.
could you give me any experiences to reach this function?
Thank you.


Just as a warning, you will probably find that refinement doesn’t work well without most of the frames - you are getting a ton of your low res signal from the later frames with radiation damage, but still trustworthy low res content.

Reconstructions of the earlier frames, but using angles learned from all the frames, on the other hand may restore some more labile features or high resolution features. But only to the extent that the dose weighting was too conservative.


Thank you very much, I understand your warning.
I am testing to relieve beam damage from the full-frame expecting a comparative resolution.
Especially to recover some broken chemical bond, to see the effect of patch frames.
Hope it could work.