How to run Topaz Train on Master node

Dear cryosparc team,

I am wondering if there is a way to run Topaz on the master node as opposed to launching a job on the cluster.

If I am understood correctly, Import movies and inspect particles pick normally runs on the master node already so perhaps there is a way to run Topaz too.


That mode of operation is possible, but might not be suitable for busy cryoSPARC instances with many users.
For example, you could configure the cryoSPARC master (cryosparcw connect ..) as a combined master/worker if

  • the master fulfills the (more onerous) worker prerequisites
  • worker job loads would not interfere with master function
  • it is acceptable that each and any registered user of the relevant cryoSPARC instance runs compute jobs (topaz-related or otherwise) on the master
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