How to create cryosparc user from command line?

Dear cryoSPARC developers,

We just installed cryosparc v3.3 on two servers. Now I have to create 30+ users on each of them and set temporary passwords. Is there any way to do it with command line script?

Thank you,

@Sergei Would create_user() work for your needs?
Out of curiosity, do the respective sets of users differ between your two servers such that you decided against a single cryoSPARC instance with two workers, where one of the servers would act as both master and worker?

create_user() could work. Could you please give me an example of the full command?

We have two servers that are identical both in hardware and software. The set of users is the same on both servers. At this point I do not remember why we decided in favor of independent setup, but this is how these machines are running.

Hi @Sergei,
I always create the users from the command line like this:

cryosparcm createuser --email "user@organization" --password "initial-password" --username "myuser" --firstname "John" --lastname "Doe"




Hi Juan,

Thank you for the command! It works! Do you know is there any manual exists with the list of commands for cryosparcm and cryosparcw?

Thank you,

@Sergei Did you check out the guide?

I was not aware of the guide. This is exactly what I need! Thank you!