How to clone user accounts?

Hi all, I just setup a new master with the newest version of cryoSPARC on a different node of the cluster and want to create the same set of the users accounts as the old version. Is there a way to clone the users accounts from the previous version of cryoSPARC?

Hello @soyvia

At the old master, you can list all the user accounts like this:
cryosparcm listusers

Then you could print what you need like this:
cryosparcm listusers | awk -F'|' '{print "cryosparcm createuser --email "$3" --password -something --name "$1" "$2}'

The result should print a valid cryosparcm createuser that you can customise (like password) for your new instance. Or you could simply copy the user database…



Thanks for your reply. I will have a try.