How many volumes to put into Heterogeneous Refinment(HR)

Hi All,

I noticed that recently you can input multiple volumes for Heterogeneous Refinement (HR). But we normally only have just one initial model. Does that mean I only need to put in one volume for HR?

For a data set that has both the intact and dissociated particles, does anyone has some good suggestions on the refinement or even the whole processing process?


Hi @ruiruigo, heterogeneous refinement classifies particles amongst 2+ classes and refines the corresponding structures at the same time. The purpose is to look for differences between the 3D classes that wouldn’t be observable at lower resolutions such as those from ab-initio reconstruction.
You can initiate a heterogeneous refinement job using one or more different volumes (models), or 2+ copies of the same volume (model). Hope this helps!

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