How can we disable SSD Cache in version 3.3.x?

Hi Cryosparc Team, How can we disable SSD CACHE in version 3.3.x ?


In the main Project area, there should be an option to globally enable or disable the use of SSD caching. Alternatively, it can be disabled on a per-job basis at the bottom of the building options whether in advanced mode or basic mode.

Or do you mean at install time? Then use the --nossd flag.

Ok, The cluster is already up with cryoSPARC-3.3.1 here how can I disable. I have disabled from an individual project wise but can we configure disable/enable in the master or worker “” file with any parameter?

Please let us know whether workers are allocated to jobs using the CryoSPARC scheduler or an external cluster scheduler.
Be aware that a configuration option like cryosparcw connect --nossd merely disables the caching functionality of the respective worker node. Caching would still need to be disabled at the job or project level. Otherwise, one may end up with jobs that remain in the queue forever because they cannot be matched with a worker that has the requested particle caching capability.

Thanks @wtempel. I will make the changes as suggested.