How can I install CryoSPARC on Scientific Linux 7.9?


I am new to CryoSPARC, with a new Cryo-EM dataset just collected to be precessed.

But I couldn’t install CryoSPARC in my workstation: it is a Scientific Linux 7.9.

When I tried to install CUDA, I got an error:

“Could not find suitable Nvidia kernel module version for kernel kernel-3.10.0-1160.11.1.el7.x86_64 and driver 3:nvidia-driver-branch-430-430.14-1.el7.x86_64”

Does this mean I don’t have the latest driver for my Nvidia GPU ? I guessed so, then I was trying to install a GPU driver.

Am I on a right path ? Do you know install CryoSPARC on Scientific Linux 7.9 ?

Looking forward to receiving your suggestions, thank you in advance with my appreciation !



SL 7.9 should not very different from CentOS 7.9 and RH 7.9.
Try installing cuda from the NVIDIA web:

Of course the drivers will depend on your GPU, and in principle you will need the kernel-headers and g++, and a lot of other things to compile them…



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Hi Juan,

Thank you very much. Yes, I was trying to install CUDA from the NVIDIA web, from that I found I don’t have correct/latest version of the kernel headers and development packages in my running linux system, I just think those files should be installed once the NVIDIA drivers is installed, is this idea right ?

I checked I already have gcc (is g++ the same :)) installed. Thanks a lot.


Hi Juan, just update that I have install CUDA in the workstation and the cryoSPARC. Thanks.

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