Homogenous refinement Job process terminated abnormally


I have homogenous refinement jobs failing abnormally and I have not found why.

It does not seem to be a memory problem as the server(s) had plenty free and:
[CPU: 228.9 MB Avail: 246.45 GB] ====== Job process terminated abnormally.

The particles are in box size of 1200. Is that the problem? I thought cryosparc and dependencies would work with 1200 pixels box sizes.


1100 pixels seems to be the maximum right now.

Hi @abasle. @rbs_sci is correct. However, I’d be interested to see the job (text) log. You can find it by going to the metadata tab in the job window and then choosing “log” on the line underneath. The last few lines may contain more information about the error.