Homogeneous Reconstruction Only

Hi All,
The new version has a new function [Homogeneous Reconstruction Only], in whcih anyone can help explains the parameters of “Ignore the tilt”, “Ignore the trefoil”, “Ignore the tetra”. Is there a parameter that can ignore the ctf or the phase_flip?

Hi @mjyoung,

The parameters “ignore tilt” “ignore trefoil” etc. all correspond to higher-order aberrations. Each of these types of aberrations may have been estimated by previous jobs (homogeneous refinement with CTF refinement, or global CTF refinement jobs) but in some cases the user might want to try reconstruction without these aberrations corrected, as a comparison.

There isn’t a way to fully turn off CTF correction or only flip phases. Could you explain the workflow you have and why you would want to perform reconstruction in this way?

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