GPU, RAM not available


I recently upgraded to cryosparc 3.2.0 using the good old “tar” method.

Everything went well as far as I can tell except that all my jobs are now queued because “GPU, RAM not available”.
Which I don’t quite understand as I don’t see any red flag anywhere (job logs are empty so there is no sign of what cryosparc is unhappy with).

I use a standalone installation on a machine with

  • 1 GPU (NVidia Quadro K1200)
  • 4 CPUs (32 cores)
  • 24 Go RAM

This information correctly shows in Cryosparc’s Resource Manager.

On the job side of things, the job requires the correct amount of resources:

resources_needed: Object(2)
  slots: Object(3)
    CPU: 4,
    GPU: 1,
    RAM: 3 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.