Gpu/RAM/disk space usage via web-interface?

Hi cryoSPARC team,

I recently noticed that for debugging of what’s going on with the job, it’s sometimes useful to monitor the RAM/vRAM usage almost online – although most of the cryoSPARC jobs write this to their logs, it’s somehow less informative. Usially, running htop and gpustat -cpui works super fine for me.

Are there any plans to add such monitoring to the SPARC web-interface? It’d be rather convenient to have it e.g. under “Resources” tab.

I wonder it it’s still possible – we found it incredibly difficult to connect new users via ssh to run htop/gpustat, and it leads to users overloading CPU and much slower execution of all running jobs.

Hi @marinegor ,

Thanks for the suggestion and apologies for the delayed response. We’re looking into the possibility of including real-time monitoring stats within the cryoSPARC interface. For now, I recommend installing a third-party monitoring tool such as Netdata. More details here: Monitoring CPU, Memory and GPU Usage

- Suhail


Coming back to this reply: so far I love Netdata, works nicely and provides necessary feedback without the need for users to login via ssh. Setting up was easy, even the nvidia-smi plugin. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!