GPU-accelerated extraction crashes when binning [Bug]

GPU-accelerated extraction of particles fails with the attached error if I attempt to Fourier-crop the particles. It does not fail if I extract them unbinned, or if I use the CPU version.


This is fixed in the current version.

Not for me - still happens in 2.4.6

That’s weird. I had that bug previously, but I updated yesterday and just ran a job a few minutes ago, using 2 GPUs and binning from 300 to 100 px.

Hi Everyone,

The fix for this bug will be released in the next version of cryoSPARC. There seems to be a few cases where this job will work (CPU only, specific bin values & mic resolution combos).

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Hi @olibclarke, @DanielAsarnow,

The fix for this has been released in v2.5.


Yep, tried and it works now - thanks @stephan!