Geometry module in Cryosparc-tools

I would like to access functions that in the past, before version 4, were part of the geometry module in the cryosparc2_compute package. I have not been successful locating this or similar modules in cryosparc-tools. Does anybody know how to access the geometry module in the new version of Cryosparc?

You could, in your script

from cryosparc_compute import geometry

and then run the script with

cryosparc_worker/bin/cryosparcw call python /path/to/

Thank you for the feedback, @wtempel. In this case I would need to run the script on the worker, or can I somehow run it from another computer using cryosparc-tools?

On the worker or, possibly and untested, a computer with which the cryosparc_worker/ directory has been shared and on which the full path to cryosparc_worker/ has been preserved.