Force run Select 2D in Live?


In Live, I very frequently want to “force” 2D classification to output a new select 2D job, so that I can use the resulting particles for parallel processing in regular cryosparc. Currently, the way I do this is by restarting ab initio in Live, and then killing it and using the select 2D job it creates, but it would be more convenient if there was a direct way to output the currently selected set of classes (and it would allow one to quickly test processing on multiple different selected sets of classes).

Something like “save particles from selected classes” as a button in the 2D class selection interface would do the trick.



Importantly, also great if this export can happen now or upon completion of the Streaming 2D job at my preference…
Similar to here, but Live Scheduler override 2D select

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Hi @olibclarke and @CryoEM2, thanks for this suggestion. We’ve made a note of this internally. We aim to include it in a future release with several other Live-related improvements.

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For the non-LIVE version, was even thinking an easy way would be for the 2D select job to have a manual input, “take classes comma separated values 1,2,5,17,22,36,66,67,68,70-82” or similar, and 2D job would have to have “don’t reorder classes in final iterations”. As opposed to a fancy drag/drop live viewer.