Floating a license

In cryoSPARC v0.3.0, it is now possible to ‘deactivate’ a given cryoSPARC installation and reactivate with the same license on another machine. This is handy for example in cluster environments with shared home directories, or if you upgraded your hardware and want to transfer your license.

Log in as the Admin user, click on the dropdown in the top right corner of the dashboard beside “Admin Account”, click on “Admin” and navigate to the “License” section:

Clicking Deactivate will clear your hardware registration for your license. Then you can simply start running jobs on another machine where you’ve installed cryoSPARC using the same license ID, and that machine will become registered.

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This way of handling license policies is very annoying. Especially if you are on a large domain with multiple individual research groups, which each have their own cryoSPARC installation.
This basically means one needs to go though this procedure every time a cryoSPARC needs to run.

Is there a least a way to deactivate from shell, so the whole deactivate/re-register procedure can be scriptet?


Hi @jelka,

You can deactivate a cryoSPARC license (from any machine) with this:

(in the cryosparc install directory)

source config.sh
curl -H "cryosparc-license:$CRYOSPARC_LICENSE_ID" https://activate.cryosparc.com/deactivate


Thanks Ali,

This makes it somewhat easier.


With this method, can several users run at the same time on different machines? It doesn’t seem so.

Hi @adesgeorges, currently, multiple users will not be able to run cryoSPARC using the same license on different machines at the same time. The floating license feature allows the user to float a single license to different machines at different times. However, we are happy to provide additional academic licenses so that multiple users can run cryoSPARC on different machines at the same time, using different licenses. Please visit https://cryosparc.com/ and have users enter their institutional/academic email addresses to request multiple licenses. Hope this helps!

By the way @jelka in v0.6.2 there is now an addition to the cryosparc cli:
cryosparc deactivate
that deactivates the license.