File r/w permissions

I am configuring an install of cryoSPARC 2 on a SLURM-based cluster. I use a virtual machine that has passwordless ssh access to the login node so that the master can always be running. The database directory and project directory are cross-mounted between the cluster and the virtual machine.
When the master creates a job, for instance P1/J2, it creates it with the write bit set for current user only. The Unix user is different on the virtual machine (master) than on the cluster node (worker). Therefore, the worker cannot write to that directory and jobs terminate immediately.

How do people configure the master correctly so that it will not prevent the worker from writing to the directories it creates? In the long run I would like to set it up in a nice & secure way but in the short run I would settle for having the master create directories with 777 permissions.

Hi @jkaelber,

I think the best way is to have the cryoSPARC user on the master node and the cryoSPARC user on the worker node be a part of the same UNIX group- that way you don’t have to set 777 permissions. Is this a possible configuration in your environment?

I’d still need g+w (770) and cryoSPARC defaults to making the files 744. The master process makes a folder J6 for the sixth job but then the worker process can’t make a new file in J6, even if they’re in the same group.