Feature request: Prioritize latest exposure

Many of us are now collecting at rates so fast that we cannot keep up processing exposures even with 4x or more GPUs. I wonder if it is possible to have a feature where we could prioritize processing of the last collected movie? In that way, we might still be able to see statistics and other helpful information on the current gridsquare even if we do end up falling behind.



There already is support for this feature in the backend; we are working on actually making it available to users in the near future.

Excellent, looking forward to seeing it soon! Thanks!

Hi @jcoleman,

This is available as of the latest patch:


Thanks Stephan and team - this is fantastic! Great for when someone (me) accidentally crashes our cluster and the session falls behind by the time I realise and reboot! :sweat_smile:

I’ll post up the command line command here if that is okay, to save anyone an extra page click if they want to just go to the “latest” mode:

cryosparcm rtpcli "set_session_exposure_processing_priority('<project_uid>', '<session_uid>', 'latest')"

For example: cryosparcm rtpcli "set_session_exposure_processing_priority('P3', 'S1', 'latest')"

Please see the link from Stephan above if you need the extra info.


Thank you Stephan, much appreciated!