Failed to download script


I removed cryosparc several days ago and now I want to reinstall it. But I failed when download the script. I used the command “bash -c xxx” with the license I used before. The downloaded tar.gz document is empty. It can not be extracted at all. So can someone tell me how to fix this? Thanks!

Hi @Shelvin, this is very odd… I just tested the install scripts and did a fresh install a couple of minutes ago and everything seems fine with the deployment servers.
Could you perhaps email us so we can debug with your particular license key?


Thank you Ali @apunjani . I’ve already sent an email.

Hi @Shelvin, have your problem been solved? Can you tell me how to fix this? Thanks!

Yup, but it’s quite weird. I tried downloading for many times and once it worked and then it failed again. I doubt it might be due to the network connection because no one else seems to have the same problem. You can try a few more times, or you can ask @apunjani for help.