Exposure Curation: Suggestions and Feature Requests



Hello cryoSPARC users!

We’re working on a significant overhaul of the exposure curation tool. Many of you have expressed that while the tool is useful, there are still areas to improve on. We have made a list of suggestions and feature requests (as well as bugs to mitigate) based on all the other topics created, but I’d like to open this topic so we can keep track of future suggestions within a single one.

Feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Exposure curation only shows raw picks

Hi Suhail,

Looking forward to seeing the new version - the exposure curation tool has a lot of potential! :slight_smile:

I have many specific thoughts, but in general the UI needs to be greatly simplified, and optimized for larger datasets - currently it gets incredibly laggy and crash-prone with datasets of several thousand mics.

The little toolbar up the top of the right hand panel is very confusing and IMO mostly unnecessary - every time I use it I have to think about whether I want to accept/reject all, accept/reject selection, save, or “save and done” (?). The utility of these different options is not clearly apparent (why would I want to “accept all” when I am curating exposures?).

The text entry boxes for parameters should work - currently the user can enter values but nothing happens - only the sliders work. This makes it hard to adjust parameters precisely, particularly as the sliders themselves are quite laggy/jerky with large datasets.

Also, the drop down for selecting parameters to plot in the graph should show the full name of each parameter - currently it only shows the first several characters, which makes it very hard to determine what I am picking (without hovering to wait for a tooltip to appear).

The parameter graph also takes up a lot more screen real estate than it needs to, in my opinion - I wonder whether it would be possible to show both the overall and indivdual views side by side, to allow easy exploration of parameters - e.g. clicking on mics with different CTF fit res or motion correction stats and seeing the mic/CTF on the right hand side would be great. I would also simplify the zooming/manipulation tools in the param graph - adjustment of axes is all one really needs here.

I also wonder if maybe, given the number of parameters that are now present, it would be better to only show adjustment sliders/boxes for the parameters that are currently plotted, rather than showing all the undisplayed params also.



Nice. I’m glad to see the developers so interested in user feedback. I know it has got to be hard to implement a million little user experience features, but it really is appreciated.

Anyway, since we’re on the topic, I think a few features could be added to the ‘inspect particle picks’ tool. As is, it can be a bit laggy when adjusting the two sliders for thresholds. I think this is because it recalculates the number of particle picks on the fly for several thousand micrographs. This means any time the slider changes it freezes for like a minute or two as it recalculates. Maybe the sliders effect only the image displayed, then you can click a button like “apply to remaining micrographs” or something. Also I notice that those sliders only ever can give you less picks than the auto picker found, but is it possible to slide them in a way to increase the number of picks? Maybe not necessary, just a thought.

thanks again!


I would also like to be able to switch between the two-parameter graph view, and a histogram view - sometimes it is useful to be able to view a histogram of e.g. defocus or astigmatism, to get a sense of the distribution of the data.



I’d also like to be able to curate based on the local defocus variation - I think a non-physical defocus variation is an easy parameter to use for rejection. Likewise, sorting by relative ice thickness would also be useful.



One more thought - the exposure curation tool, apart from being useful for curating exposures, is also useful as just a viewer, for exploring the dataset. Unfortunately, once you click done, you can no longer use it for that purpose. Would it be possible to alter it such that after submission the user can no longer submit, but can still interact with the dataset and view micrographs? The individual view with the CTF and morion correction info, as well as the micrograph, is particularly useful.


Text entry boxes work if you type the number, then click outside the box, then hit tab. Bug.

I agree a simpler way to cull the data would be useful. For instance, extreme outliers ruin the scale of the axes and thus the usefulness of the tool. I typically have to curate first to remove extreme outliers of all parameters, create the outputs, and relaunch the tool on the already curated dataset.


Yes I have also encountered this - e.g. displaying the CTF cross correlation data is usually useless because one outlier will throw it off. I wonder if one way to go would be to rescale the axes after accepting a selection - that should alleviate the outliers issue a bit.


Hi Suhail - one more suggestion in the rework of this tool - could you please write out the thresholds that were used to the log file? This is useful for record keeping and writing methods later - e.g. “all micrographs with CTF fit worse than x Å or defocus greater than y µm were rejected” etc

Inspect picks. writes out the thresholds used, but exposure curation currently does not.