Exporting particles to relion

Hi all as new user I am going through some struggles. For me cryosparc particle picking worked good. So I did few rounds of 2D classifications. I want to run 2D classification in relion as well. I wanted export my particles of the into relion. I used following method. ```
cd relion-project
mkdir -p J22/extract
cd J22/extract
ln -s /path/to/cryosparc/P1/J22/extract/*.mrc -t .
rename .mrc .mrcs *.mrc
cd …/…
csparc2star.py path/to/cryosparc/P10/J315/cryosparc_P10_J315_009_particles.cs from_csparc.star
sed -i ‘s/particles.mrc/particles.mrcs/g’ from_csparc.star

conversion and transfer worked. in relion I imported my parcles.star file. that worked as well.
When I tried to run the 2D classification using this particles.star file relion giving an error message .mrcs file does not exist.
so to verify I opened my particles.star file in text editor. this is the content I have

This was the error message I got in relion
any one please guide me
Thank you

Hi Venkata, did you verify that the rename command worked for your J22/extract/*mrc links? I have not seen it used like that but I am not well versed in its use. I usually change my mrc to mrcs with “rename s/\mrc/\mrcs/ *”