Export particle file from cryosparc to star file

Hi, everyone. I am trying to export particles information from cryosparc to .star files using csparc2star of pyem and wonder how could I make this work.

I did patch motion correction in cryosparc and imported particle positions from cryolo. Then the motion corrected mics go through patch ctf estimate and per particle ctf estimate were extracted. After that, I manually examined the mics and accepted a subset of them using the new function from cryosparc v 2.8.
Now I would like to export the accepted particle information with per particle defocus information to relion and let relion to do the extraction job. What should I do with csparc2star to achieve this goal?

The typical command is as follows:

python csparc2star.py --passthrough passthrough_particles.cs cryosparc_articles.cs cs_to_relion.star

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I got it.

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