"Error: "optics group "1" does not exist in micrograph star file" when running extraction?

Hello All,
I’ve got particles that I’ve picked and polished in cryoSPARC that were motion-corrected in RELION. I want to re-extract these particles in RELION with the ultimate goal of running some particle polishing. I used pyem to convert my cryoSPARC files to particles.star files, then edited my output to point to motion corrected micrographs in relion after import. From here the re-extraction seems to run with swap XY coordinates but fails right at the end of the job with the following
ERROR: optics group “1” does not exist in micrograph STAR file…
I’ve attached some screenshots of my input micrograph and particle STAR files as well as the error messages for clarification…any ideas on what might be causing this???

resolved: csparc2star generated OpticGroupName “opticgroup1” where relion wanted “1”- changed manually using vim editor. csparc2star also changed spherical aberration- watch for similar modifications.