Error: No license ID provided

I did the following but I am getting this error “Error: No license ID provided.” when trying to install for a single workstation (Rocky v9):

$ export LICENSE_ID=“79**********************************fc0”
$ curl -L$LICENSE_ID -o cryosparc_master.tar.gz
$ curl -L$LICENSE_ID -o cryosparc_worker.tar.gz
$ tar -xf cryosparc_master.tar.gz cryosparc_master
$ tar -xf cryosparc_worker.tar.gz cryosparc_worker
$ cd cryosparc_master
$ ./
Error: No license ID provided.

Some troubleshooting after seeing this error:

$ echo $LICENSE_ID
{“success”: true}

Then I check the file and I see this:

$ vi ./

DB_PATH="$(dirname “$ROOT_DIR”)"/cryosparc_database

Why is my License ID not there?

Some additional info:
I am not running conda in this user account

Any help appreciated!

--license is one of the required arguments of the script. You may need to provide other arguments in addition to --license.

wtempel - Of course and thank you! I was assuming I just had run ./ and I would then be prompted to enter the variables for each argument.

All arguments have been filled in according to the instructions and it’s installing.


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