Error: CryoSPARC requires a 64-bit System


I am very new to the cryoSPARC and I am installing it in my Mac (M1), I am getting the above mentioned error that it requires a 64-bit processor even though my system has 64-bit processor. Any idea how to overcome this or anyone else faced this issue?


Cryosparc is built for x86 linux-based systems. It won’t run on os x and it probably won’t run on ARM (so M1). It requires Nvidia GPUs, which you won’t have on your m1 mac either.

Tl;Dr: your computer is not compatible.

ARM64 =/= x86_64.

While it might conceivably be possible to install it in an x86 emulator (Rosetta? I’m not a Mac person…) to do any processing you’ll need CUDA, which requires an nVidia GPU, which the M1 Macs do not support.

I suspect the install will fail in an emulator anyway due to lack of CUDA.