Error connecting to cryoSPARC license server for CryoSPARC v3.2.0


I installed CryoSPARC v3.2.0 in our workstation recently. I got an error during Movies Import,

“Error connecting to cryoSPARC license server. Checking local license file. Could not find local license file. Please re-establish your connection to the license servers.”

I read past threads about this issue. The output of the command “cryosparcm status” is normal. When I tried the command: “curl”, I got a message,

“curl: (35) OpenSSL SSL_connect: Connection reset by peer in connection to

So I changed “export CRYOSPARC_INSECURE=true” in The error still appeared.

Could you let me know how to fix this issue? Many thanks.


hi @Zhubing,

Please check if there is a firewall preventing access to, then restart cryoSPARC and try again. If that does not work, you may need to check your proxy settings.

Hi @spunjani ,

Thanks for your suggestion. I changed the firewall setting, and now I can import movies normally.