Error connecting to cryoSPARC licence server

error connecting to cryoSPARC licence server

Welcome to the forum @Eonnnn .
Are your computer and network allow outgoing connection to the internet?
What is the output of this command on the cryoSPARC computer:
curl -L | tail -1 | rev | cut -b1-14 | rev

Thank you for your answer. My computer and network are allowed outgoing connection to the internet.The output of the command is shown below.

This looks as it should. Please can you provide more details:

  • what action prompts this error?
  • what’s is the verbatim message, including additional lines?
  • where does the message appear?

When I created and ran a import particle stack job, it appeared in the overview window of the job. But now a new error appears, so I can’t show you the verbatim message.
Now, when I run the job, a error appears as shown below:

And in the overview window of the job, it shows:

This ServerError resembles the error reported in Job halted in queue status right after installation - #6 by Hong. Does the resolution recommended there apply to your situation?