Error coming during updating worker node version

I am trying to update CryoSPARC latest version v2.8.3 both in master as well as worker node. In master node it updated successfully but in worker node it didn’t update the latest version. I tried forced update as well as overwrite in worker node. But still it is not updating the latest version in worker node. During any job submission it is giving error message “Master running v2.8.3, worker running v2.8.0Version mismatch! Worker and master versions are not the same. Please update.” Will it be possible to update the latest version both in master and worker node automatically?

I have exactly the same problem. I have realized that when I want to untar cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz, it create directory cryospar2_master and not cryosparc2_worker…
Many thanks to correct the bug

Hi @cbriand,

Can you copy+paste the exact commands that led to cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz producing a folder named cryosparc2_master instead of cryosparc2_worker

Hi @Ishika,

Can you try forcing the update for the worker? Details here: