Dose weighted and non-dose weighted

Hi everyone,

For MotionCor2 corrected micrographs, how can we use dose weighted mrc to extract particles while using the CTF estimation of non-dose weighted mrc in Cryosparc?


Hi @deborahcm,

If you’re using MotionCor2 or Patch Motion Correction within cryoSPARC, this workflow is already taken care of for you. When you connect the micrographs output result group of one of these jobs to the exposures input result group of a Patch CTF Estimation job, the non-dose weighted micrographs will automatically be used for CTF Estimation. Later on in your workflow when you connect the exposures output result group from this Patch CTF Estimation job and connect it to an Extract From Micrographs job (in combination with a particles output result group from a picking job), the dose weighted micrographs will be used to create the particle images.

Attached photo below shows the output result group of a MotionCor2 job with dose weighted micrographs (J199.micrographs.micrograph_blob) and non-dose weighted micrographs (J199.micrographs.micrograph_blob_non_dw).

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It’s great this is supported, but in case you are using e.g. MotionCor2 outside of cryoSPARC, you can just use the DW images throughout, and not worry about it too much.

In practice, CTF estimation works just as well on the DW images, so personally I’ve never bothered with the effort of switching back and forth. (Old Relion and Frealign required doing in manually, it’s now also automatic in new Relion and cisTEM).

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