Do not write to home directory

I have a cluster setup and don’t require a cryosparc user login (i disable password logins and do not have a home directory for cryosparcuser). Yet Cryosparc seems to want to write to /home/cryosparcuser and I find the directories ‘.nv’ and ‘.cache’. Is there a defined-at-installation temporary directory that cryosparc can use and admins can specify explicitly? Do these cache files affect performance? Would it be beneficial to place them on a high speed ssd?

I believe the cache files are actually CUDA and PyCUDA, rather than CryoSPARC specifically, so you would see the same behaviour for anything which used PyCUDA on that account.

I’ve just checked on two of my CryoSPARC systems; the .nv and .cache/pycuda directories are <100MB total on the oldest install and <5MB on the newest (which is currently running a CSLive job), so you could probably create symlinks to a small tmpfs without any issues. Not sure if those directories get larger during, e.g. 3D flex refinement.

A colleague came across the PYCUDA_CACHE_DIR and PYCUDA_DISABLE_CACHE variables, described here.

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