Disk cleanup doesn't work


Disk cleanup doesn’t seem to work.

It doesn’t work at all on any browser other than Chrome (it just hangs).

On Chrome, I can run it, but it runs out of memory if I select all jobs for deletion of intermediate files.

And if I select a more limited range of jobs, it apparently runs successfully, but 0 files are deleted in many cases when lots of intermediate files are present (see attached)

Further, it doesn’t identify non-deleted jobs from deleted datasets as orphaned jobs (and when the dataset is deleted the jobs and intermediate files are not).

To top it off, I can’t manually delete anything, because all the job folders are labeled with incomprehensible strings of ASCII characters.

Any chance of a fix? This will remain an issue once cryosparc 2 is released, as speaking for myself I have a ~7T cryosparc 1 database, which I can’t delete but desperately need to clean up to save space…