Directories in SSD cache area

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Just a quick question. I see cryosparc creates two directories in the cache area:

[cryosparc@cryosparc]$ ls -1

Seems “imports” is not being cleaned up regularly. Tried to look on the documentation but cannot find what is the purpose of that directory. Projects seems to be where jobs get cached on demand. Is it safe to clean that “imports” directory?

Any ideas?

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Hi @vatese, cryoSPARC uses the imports directory to cache particle data imported into a project from an outside source (e.g., via an Import Particles job), or otherwise data symbolically-linked into the project. cryoSPARC does not yet do any automatic cleaning on either the imports or the project directory.

As long as no jobs are running that use the cache (such as 2D Classification or Refinement jobs) you may safely delete this directory.

Hi @nfrasser.

Thank you for your reply. Just to clarify, both the imports and projects directories can be deleted as long as no jobs are using them (or just Projects, which we have delete before)? Is this correct?

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@vatese any cache files may be safely deleted as long as they are no running jobs that use those files. The next time a job runs and finds that the files are missing, it will simply re-download them to the cache.

The easiest way to tell whether a given cache file or subfolder is in use (in either the imports or projects directories) is to check whether any jobs are running in the same project where those files were imported or generated in.

Does that answer your question?

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@nfrasser thank you for the clarification. All good!

We will implement a policy to clean up files that have aged in that area to prevent it from filling up.

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