Different GSFSC values in homogeneous refinement and FSC validation

I was wondering why I am getting two different GSFSC values in homogeneous refinement and FSC validation.
The GSFSC was 3.21A in homogeneous refinement but when when I put in the same map and mask in FSC validation, it always gives about 0.2A higher value (3.42A) GSFSC value. Is it expected or these two algorithm work differently? Please explain. Thank you. See the GSFSC plot for two algorithms below.

Homogeneous refinement GSFSC

FSC validation GSFSC

Hi @pandeykk, when you say you are using the same mask, which mask are you using exactly? It looks like perhaps you are using the refinement mask, which would explain the lower estimated resolution?

Thank you Oliver (@olibclarke),
I guess that was the problem. When I used the FSC mask generated in homogeneous refinement, the resolutions turned out to be same. it brings me to another question- what’s the difference between masks used in FSC determination and for refinement. If there is an article, you could refer that.
Thanks much for your help.

Hi @pandeykk,
The refinement mask is generated based on the “dynamic masking” parameters set in the refinement job, or the input mask if connected.
The FSC masks in refinement are also auto-generated and in the last iteration, the FSC mask is auto-loosened/tightened to ensure that the tight and corrected curves line up.
You can use any mask in the FSC validation job.