Difference between a cluster volume and homogeneous reconstruction of the same cluster


I’ve run a 3D-VA job with cluster mode, and then selected particles from each cluster to do a homogeneous reconstruction. What I’ve noticed is that the density map of each cluster from the 3D-VA job is a lot noisier than the reconstruction of each cluster. This is a bit confusing to me as I assumed the volume output from the 3D-VA job is essentially homogeneous reconstruction. Is this assumption wrong? I’d like to add I did not do any filtering of the results when setting up those jobs.

Hi @csparc_addict — you’re right that the 3DVA job is performing a homogeneous reconstruction. However, it does not perform GSFSC filtering, which homogeneous reconstruction does. This is likely the source of the greater noise in the 3DVA reconstructions.

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That makes sense. Thanks so much!