Deleting worker lanes

Is there a way to delete lanes? We had three workers connected to the master, each in a separate lane that users could select. We’re going down to two workers for a while, and I would like to delete the corresponding lane. I found a forum post stating that the following command should be used:
cryosparcm cli "remove_scheduler_lane(name_of_lane)"
But that has not worked and results in a syntax error.

As a followup, if two workers occupy the same lane, is there a command to set one of them as the primary, such that all jobs will be sent to it until capacity is reached, and then subsequent jobs are sent to the other worker? Currently, this seems to be alphabetical by worker name, but perhaps there is more to it than that.

Many thanks

Hi Jason,

I deleted several lanes just yesterday (v2.9). Syntax is:
cryosparcm cli 'remove_scheduler_lane("name_of_lane")'


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Hi Nikolaos,

Thanks so much! The command you provided worked. Seems that it was a syntax issue.

Many thanks