Deleting live session duplicate micrographs

I realize cryosparc live is duplicating imported micrographs as per discussion here - Live copies imported micrographs

I want to delete these micrographs. Do I need to do it thorugh the cryosparc gui to avoid database problems or can I simply rm them from their folder? I cannot find a feature to simply delete these within the gui.


Welcome to the forum @cryofun . Are you still interested in deleting micrographs given

You may want to review (applicable to newer versions of CryoSPARC

to find out whether these existing UI features meet your needs.

Thank you, the session data management table is very informative. Live session compaction did not reduce the folder size of Sxx/motioncorrected but session data management’s “delete data” function is working.

Some of my sessions don’t give the option to delete data. For example, I have a session that is “paused” and my only option is to clear it. The following options are greyed out: start session, compact session, reset failed exposures, reset manual rejected exposures, mark session as completed. My understanding is that the session should be marked as completed to access the delete micrographs function.


Correct. Please be aware that micrograph deletion may prevent you from resuming the session and other processing that would rely on the deleted data.